Judo & Jujistu in Ghana

About Us

Actually, we are only two people. A teacher and his student

Our teacher has over a decade of Judo and Taekwondo experience from Germany and Korea. He is also a grappling expert and has deep knowledge about Shemi-Waza and grappling techniques. He is a professional physical therapist and fitness instructor with a Class A coaching certificate.

He is the Sensei and head of the JJINGH Dojo in Tema - Ghana. He is also a current member of the Technical Committee and a member of Ghana national judo team. He has extensive insight with the martial arts and his teaching methods are very simple and effective.

In less than a year our teacher trained our student (a non judoka) to win the silver medal at Japanese/Ghana Judo championship 2009. Our student holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jujistu and believes he is a novice judoka. He holds a 4 win, no loss submission grappling and MMA record in the United States. Check out the video section to see some of his fights. One of them won under 30 seconds.

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